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Tube-Bending Machines

Criterion offers a wide range of Tube-Bending Machines with capacities from 1/4"— 4" (6 mm - 100 mm) diameter. We are always happy to assist you in determining the correct type of tube-bending equipment for your application. We offer the following types of Tube-Bending Machines:

CNC Rotary-Draw Benders Twin-Head Benders Special Benders 

Rotary-Draw Vs. Compression Tube-Bending Machines

The following chart is a brief outline of the basic differences between Rotary-Draw and Compression Tube-Bending Machines.

  Rotary Draw Compression
Mandrel Bending Yes No
Empty Bending Yes Yes
Twin-Head Bending Yes Yes
Bend Flexibility Most Flexible Less Flexible
Bending Speed Fastest With Twin Bending
Tube Movement Moves During Bend Stationary During Bend
Integration with other Tube-Fabrication Processes Complex More Flexible
Direction of Bend Material Stretch Towards End Of Part Towards Front Of Part
Bender Mounting Options Many
Relative Cost Lower Cost