Twin Head Tube Bending Machines, Tube Benders and Pipe Benders


Twin Head Tube Bending Machines

Twin Head Tube Bending Machines form 2 bends simultaneously, and are ideal for high speed bending of symmetrical tubular parts. Automotive Seat Frames, Handles, Furniture, and Frames of many descriptions are typical applications.

    Twin Head Tube Benders can be tooled to bend the following profiles:
  • Round Tube or Pipe
  • Square Tube or Rectangular Tube
  • Solid Rod
  • Flat Stock
  • Angle Iron
  • Aluminum Extrusions
  • Some Roll Formed Sections


Model 26000 Twin Head Bender

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Twin Head Bender & Piercing of Roll Formed Channel with Hand Load and Automatic Unload

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Model 50000 Twin Head Bender and Flat Steel Plate

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Twin Head Bender with Tube End Former and 2-Bend Part with Swaged End

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Twin Head Extrusion Bender and Aluminum Extrusions

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Types of Criterion Twin Head Compression Tube Benders

Criterion Twin Head Tube Benders are available in both CNC and Non CNC Types. The same bend head modules are utilized for both applications.

The compression bend head modules are available in 3 standard sizes. The tube diameters listed below are the maximum tube sizes. The minimum tube size per tube bender is dependent upon application details. Please consult Criterion for your application.

Model 7500 Twin Head Tube Bender: .75" [19mm] Diameter

Model 26000 Twin Head Tube Bender: .25-1.50" [25-38mm] Diameter

Model 50000 Twin Head Tube Bender: 2.00-2.25" [ 50.8-57.2mm] Diameter

Twin Head Compression Tube Bender - Non-CNC

    All Criterion Non-CNC Twin Head Tube Benders provide flexibility and adjustments in the following areas:
  • Degree of Bends
  • Radius of Bends
  • Distance Between Bends
  • Range of Tube Diameters

Options for Non-CNC Twin Head Compression Tube Benders

    The following options are available in all sizes of Twin Head Tube Benders:
  • Auto Loading and Auto Unloading [Bundle or magazine loaders available]
  • 90 Degree Bend Head Rotation [Often used to form 4-6 bend, multi-plane parts]
  • Bend Head Tilt [Used to form a 2-bend part with each bend in a different plane]
  • Bend Head Close Centers
  • Auto Tube Centering
  • Vertical Bend Head Adjustment
  • Weld Seam Tracker
  • Powered Notch/Cope End Gage
  • Pre-Pierced Hole Locating Gage


Bend Head Tilt Option

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Model 26000 Twin Head Bender with Automatic Load and Unload

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Bend Head 90 Degree Rotation

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CNC Twin Head Compression Benders

Using the same modular compression bend heads, Criterion also offers multiple axis CNC Twin Head Compression Tube Benders. Twin Head CNC Tube Benders come in 4-axis and 5-axis versions.

    A 5-Axis CNC Twin Head Tube Bender consists of the following axes:
  • Degree of Bend-1
  • Degree of Bend-2
  • Distance Between Bends-1
  • Distance Between Bends-2
  • Plane of Bend

A CNC Rotating Tube Center Clamp located between the bend heads provides the Plane of Bend axis.

CNC Twin Head Tube Benders are available with automatic bundle loading and automatic tube unloading options. In addition, CNC Twin Head Tube Benders can be integrated with an in-line Transfer Machine to form a complete fabricated part.


4-Axis CNC Twin Head Bender

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5-Axis CNC Twin Head Bender and 10-Bend Shopping Cart Frame

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Twin Head CNC Draw Bender

Another type of CNC Twin Head Tube Bender uses CNC Draw Tube Bending Heads instead of Compression Bend Heads due to "interference zone" and flexibility issues.

A Twin Head CNC Draw Tube Bender is typically used in applications where the tube length relative to the tube diameter is very long, and there are numerous bends required. Bending this type of tube is not often feasible on a conventional single head CNC Draw Tube Bender since the tube may "distort" under its own weight during the final part rotations.

Automotive brake lines, fuel lines, HVAC lines, and airbag diffuser tubes are typical applications for this equipment.

Net bending output can be increased by locating 2 Twin Head CNC Draw Benders in-line as shown in the photo below.


Twin Head CNC Draw Bender

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Twin Head Bending Limitations

The principal dimensional limitation that must be considered when using a Twin Head Tube Bender is the minimum distance between the bends, also known as minimum centers of radii.

The "X" dimension shown on the drawing below illustrates this point. The minimum distance between bends varies from 3.9" to 10.5" depending on model of tube bender, tube centerline radius, and stroke of eccentric clamp shaft. Please consult Criterion for application assistance in this area.


Minimum Distance Between Bends

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