Custom Designed Specialty Tube Punching, Piercing, and Notching Machines


Special Tube Bending Machines

Even with a large selection of standard Criterion Tube Bender designs, it is sometimes necessary to design a "special" Tube Bending Machine in order to provide the optimum application solution.

    Applications that may require a specially designed Tube Bender usually have one or more of the following characteristics:
  • Very large radius
  • Very high volume
  • Unique material spring-back vs. part repeatability requirements
  • Complex part design with multiple "design interference" zones
  • Requirement for unique material handling of part in automatic machine

Special Tube Bending Machines are often constructed by utilizing standard "bend modules" that are derived from Criterion's standard Tube Bending Machines.

The following photos and related videos listed below show a few special Tube Bending Machines that provided practical solutions to our customers' applications.


Special Bend, Pierce And Drill Combination

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Special Automatic Bender for Automotive Trunk Hinge Tube

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Automatic Press Bender

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Special Bender for Aluminum Extrusion

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In-Line Transfer Tube Benders

Criterion also provides in-line multiple station transfer Tube Benders that utilize either compression or draw bending heads. The type of control [CNC or non-CNC] utilized depends upon the application.


Transfer Machine Application

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