Twin Head Benders for Tube and Pipe Bending


Tube Bending Machines

Criterion offers a wide range of Tube Bending Machines with capacities from 1/4" - 4" [6mm -100mm] diameter.

We offer CNC Rotary Draw Tube Bending Machines, Twin Head Tube Bending Machines [both CNC and non-CNC], CNC Twin Head Rotary Draw Tube Benders, and Multiple Station Tube Benders.

Criterion will assist you in determining the correct type of tube bending machine for your application.

The following is a brief outline of the basic process differences between Rotary Draw and Compression Tube Bending Machines.

Rotary Draw vs. Compression Tube Bending Machines
The following chart compares rotary draw vs. compression tube bending methods.
  Rotary Draw Compression
Mandrel BendingYesNo
Empty BendingYesYes
Twin Head BendingYesYes
Bend FlexibilityMost FlexibleLess Flexible
Bending Speed Fastest with Twin Bending
Tube MovementMoves during bend Stationary during bend
Integration with other Tube Fabrication ProcessesComplexMore Flexible
Direction of Bend Material StretchTowards end of part Towards front of part
Bender Mounting Optionsn/a Many
Relative Cost Lower Cost
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